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Badfish - Suspense Novel!


This link will take you to my Kickstarter Page. If you find this're in the right spot!

Badfish is the story about a town that is in peril. Once a thriving little community, Badfish has now fallen into the hands of a corrupt and vile man, Karl Demetris, who literally brings in death, horror and destruction to enhance his ill-gotten gain.

Donald Bickley is the only person in a position to prevent the complete annihilation of Badfish. But he's needs to stop masturbating long enough to get his head straight, so to speak, and stay focused for the task at hand.

Badfish is approximately 50,800 words. While many novels run anywhere between 60,000 - 100,000 words, depending on the genre, this book is short on words but big on action. Elements of humor are sprinkled throughout, but not enough to take away from the intensity and the chill factor. This is most certainly a sto…