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There's something exciting on the horizon...and YOU can be a part of it!


This is a link to a Kickstarter project called Gamut. It will be a place where writers and readers can come together and enjoy horror, suspense, speculative fiction, and artists (among other things).

They need your help. As of this blurb, they are at 70%. It's going to be a great outlet for so many people. Please consider donating. I did.

Thanks -

A New Review for Badfish!

If you haven't yet given Badfish a try, please do so! You might like it! :) 4.0 out of 5 starsSuspenseful horror fans will be in for a treat with Badfish By Brian on February 17, 2016 Format: Kindle Edition The cover confused me a bit when I read the synopsis of this, but after reading it, I'm really glad I took a chance on it. Badfish is one of those books where you wonder if it will be as good as the synopsis paints it. This one was actually better. Rovens is a wonderful story-teller and character developer.

The characters were incredibly deep and believable. With that being said, they were interesting, to say the least. Interesting in every meaning of the word.

Even when I was trying to figure out what genre to shove this in I couldn't find the sweet spot. It definitely has some horror items that would make Steven King proud (minus the 900 of 1000 pages describing needless things) ;). It is also a suspenseful book. There were times I found mys…