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A Quick Ask.

If you have read Badfish, PLEASE consider posting a review to Amazon and/or Goodreads. That would be wonderful. It doesn't have to be long, just honest. Thank You!

GLT Datebook: Local Author Keeps Control With First Novel By16 hours ago

Sue Rovens is the author of "Badfish" Credit Laura Kennedy / WGLT A Twin Cities author is celebrating the publication of her first novel, Badfish.  And it's a feat made that much sweeter by the independent path she followed.

(audio is coming!)
Saturday, December 5th - Party!

Book Launch Party photos!! Thanks again to The Coffee Hound in Normal, Illinois, Babbitt's Books, Firehouse Pizza in Normal, Waiting Room Records, and The Quaker Goes Deaf for being collaborators with me for this event.
Thanks to everyone who came out and supported Badfish's official entrance into the world.
For anyone who wishes to purchase Badfish, you can do so by...
1. Going to Amazon (available in paperback AND Kindle) 2. Going to 3. Going to Babbitt's Books in Normal (they have the paperback for $12)
Keep an eyeball peeled for NEW information about an interview on WGLT  89.1FM.

Thank YOU!

Thanks to everyone who braved the chilly weather and came out this past Saturday to the Book Launch Party! I'll be posting pictures soon, so keep an eyeball peeled.

For anyone that missed out due to distance or any other reason and would still like to purchase Badfish, it's available on amazon - paperback OR Kindle! It's also on Barnes and as well as Babbitt's Bookstore in Normal, Illinois. For a mere $12, you can have a brand new suspense book in your hands! (or 1.25 on Kindle) :)

Exciting news is coming soon about a radio interview I did recently. That should be coming in about 2 weeks.

Also, keep an eyeball peeled as to the latest on some current writing things I am working on. Things are moving along - check in here to read about them!