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29 Hours Left...

...and we are at 84%.

So, here's the deal. The campaign needs $190 to make it. That's still a good chunk of money for anyone. But, if say, 5 or 6 more people pledge about $35 or so, not only will they get TWO novels, their name in the new book as well as a mention on this blog, but they will be helping an independent female writer.

In this day and age, with the big box bookstores going the way of the ancients, indie and rogue authors are becoming more widespread. YOU can be a part of this "new wave".

Please, there isn't much time.


Six Days To Go...

The Kickstarter campaign for Track 9, my second horror/suspense novel is more than well underway. As a matter of fact, we are practically in the twilight of its arc. With six days to go, there is still a healthy portion of funds needed.
We are currently at 54%. 
This will, obviously, end in one of two ways; the first being the best - that we make it! If that happens, everything listed on the Kickstarter page will go off as planned. The manuscript will be sent to Create Space by early/mid March and things will roll.
If we don't make it - it will be sad, but not earth-shattering. Life will continue. Birds will continue to tweet and cows will continue to moo. The process of getting Track 9 to the masses will just take longer.
So, if you haven't already, please stop by the Kickstarter page. Read the specifics. Watch the video. Plunk down some cold hard plastic and score some rewards.
We might be down, but we're not out.…