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4 More Days To Halloween.


Well, the Princeton Author Fair was great! Thanks to those that made it out there :)

I will post a few pictures from the event soon (don't have them on this computer...ah, technology), so check back in a few days. Also, I met some very groovy writers from all over the state. It was fun and a great experience. Planning on going again next year.

If you didn't get a chance to visit, there's another opportunity coming up at the end of November. ChambanaCon!

Check out the link above for the latest information on this Sci-Fi/Fantasy convention. While it's true that I'm sort of "on the fringe", being a suspense/horror author, it's a great chance to mingle with everyone and participate on writing panels. Plus, they always have LOTS going on, so if you like ANY of those genres, come on by! It's on November 25-27 in Normal, Illinois.

And yes, Track Nine is finished.

Technically. Instead of doing NaNo this year (national novel…'s been a little while...

...and that's because much has happened.

First of all, the blog I've been writing for has taken a hiatus. The Grim Seer Society is still up on the internet, but no new posts have been downloaded at this time. I have written and submitted articles that are not currently up so I will keep you posted as to when his blog "re-animates" itself.

Second, there's a BRAND NEW INTERVIEW on the website Books and Such ( If you go, check out "day 8" - that's where I'm at for the October Author Halloween Countdown. It's pretty groovy, if I may say. :)

Third, Badfish is available on, Barnes &, AND in Quimby's Bookstore in Chicago. If you're thinking Christmas, Halloween, or any other holiday, this is a STEAL for $12. And please, if you have read it, consider posting a review on Amazon. I can't tell you how much it helps the unknown author in this big, scary world.

Fourth, I will be at Princeton Pu…