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Just an FYI

I just wanted to let everyone know that my Twitter has been hacked. So, if you happen to wander over there or get ANYTHING from my SueRovens twitter account, please know that it is no longer under my control and that I have NOTHING to do with it.

Unfortunately, even after trying to contact the Consumer Help Service at Twitter, nothing has been accomplished. I have tried to disconnect my account in a variety of ways (according to Twitter's rules), but it is not working.

So, just a heads up about the poor technological help, the non-existent customer service, and that fact that I will no longer use Twitter in any capacity to represent myself or my work.


(If you have any suggestions as to how to delete my "twitter account", please let me know. Thanks)



Not only are there a few more new articles for you to peruse:

But, I have pictures from Printers Row Lit Fest - 2016!

Overall, it was a HOT but great time. Met lots of groovy authors there and sold pretty well. Planning on going back next year - not sure if I'll have a NEW book by then, but I am working on things.

Keep an eyeball peeled for more information coming up about suspense and horror!