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Transitioning to New Website!

Image - New Linky to New Blog!

Greetings everyone! I am ON THE MOVE!!

I am in the process of transitioning to a BRAND NEW WEBSITE. As of this moment, this one still exists and you are welcome to peruse the archives and past posts. However, I won't be adding any NEW information other than to let folks know that my NEW home is now at:

It is hosted by Wordpress and has some features that blogger does not. Stop by the new digs, and follow me :)

There's always room for one more...

(see you over at the new place)


Printers Row Lit Fest: 2017!

Well, it's been quite a time. Sick for 4 weeks (whatever nastiness was going around must have made a bee-line to me), and a long awaited and saved for vacation to Denmark and Norway for 12 days. Amazing place. Once in a lifetime experience. Got a couple of ideas that I'm going to incorporate into my next book for sure :)

But! Track 9! The newest book! Yes!

It is out and available as I type. You can find it on Amazon (as well as other sites which sell books, I'm sure). I'll be making it available as a download within the week as well, so if you would rather read it from your device, you'll be able to do that very soon.

Here is the link for Amazon:

Here is the link for Create Space: 

If you order through Create Space, I think I make $3 dollars and change... :)

Track 9, like the others, is $12.

I'll be in Chicago at Printers Row Lit Fest on Saturday, June 10th from 3pm - 6pm se…