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In 1939, Alex Steinweiss created the first record album cover. But how did we get from Jazz, Swing and Big Band images to this unsettling graphic:

Just having a bit of fun. This isn’t necessarily what I’ll be discussing when referring to disturbing record jackets (although in some circles, this would certainly apply). What I’m pinpointing are those images that have an ominous, hard to put your finger on creepy photos or illustrations. The kinds that make the viewer feel uncomfortable enough to hide the album behind another, more pleasant-looking one, lest it usurp your thoughts and dreams in the middle of a long, dark night.
I’ll discuss three examples of what I believe to be a few of the most disquieting album covers that I have ever come across. Before we delve into the explanations, I want to caution some of our readers who are hoping to see bands such as Cannibal Corpse, Pungent Stench, Impaler, Exhumed, and Mayhem. I’ve seen those covers. They’re sickening and distast…

A little Non-Fiction for you.... Horror-wise...

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When it comes to fear and numerology, the two have had a long and sordid history with each other for centuries. The number 13 is probably best known, in many cultures, as a bad luck omen and as a thing to be avoided. According to the website Mental Floss, the following list highlights some of the reasons this particular digit has gotten such a bad rap over time:
There were 13 people at the Last Supper. It’s said that Judas Iscariot — the one who betrayed Jesus — was the 13th man to take his place at the table. Traditionally, there used to be 13 steps leading up the gallows. There’s also a legend that a hangman’s noose traditionally contained 13 turns, but it’s actually more like eight. Apollo 13 is the only unsuccessful moon mission (intended to get men on the moon, anyway) thus far. An oxygen tank exploded but they did all come home safely in the …

A Little Non-Fiction for ya.

Greetings, readers!

So, among all the other things I am writing in the horror genre, I was asked to be a contributing writer to a new blog site:

If you go, you'll be able to see a number of articles that have already been posted. The plan is to have a new article up every Monday.

If you are so inclined, bookmark the link and check it out. The articles are short, but if you are interested in horror, weirdness or strange things, you might really like it.

Thanks! (and of course, feel free to pass the link along to others) :)