Printers Row Lit Fest: 2017!

Well, it's been quite a time. Sick for 4 weeks (whatever nastiness was going around must have made a bee-line to me), and a long awaited and saved for vacation to Denmark and Norway for 12 days. Amazing place. Once in a lifetime experience. Got a couple of ideas that I'm going to incorporate into my next book for sure :)

But! Track 9! The newest book! Yes!

It is out and available as I type. You can find it on Amazon (as well as other sites which sell books, I'm sure). I'll be making it available as a download within the week as well, so if you would rather read it from your device, you'll be able to do that very soon.

Here is the link for Amazon:

Here is the link for Create Space: 

If you order through Create Space, I think I make $3 dollars and change... :)

Track 9, like the others, is $12.

I'll be in Chicago at Printers Row Lit Fest on Saturday, June 10th from 3pm - 6pm selling not only Track 9, but I'll have Badfish and my first book of short stories, In A Corner, Darkly, as well. If you haven't had the chance to pick them up (for yourself or the loved ones in your life), now is the time to do so! I'll be running my usual sale ($10 per book instead of $12) and be on hand to sign them.

If you can, please consider posting a review on Amazon, Goodreads, or any other social media outlet. It is so, so helpful to us indie authors. Even a few sentences - no need to write a novel. ;)


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